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My blog where I will talk about Life, Food and Cooking, and My Children. I, like you, have a lot on my plate and juggling all the different facets of being a parent and adult. Once upon a time, I used to hold a negative, why me, are you serious, not again, and whatever other pessimistic attitude toward everything that was happening in my life. However, my view drastically changed and it was all due to reading one book. Read my post on How One Book Changed My Views and Way of Thinking to see what I mean.

I know, you are probably wondering… Juggling? Life’s? Lemons? What the …???

Yes, That is correct. Juggling Life’s Lemons. Because life happens, we all have our own stories that we can look back on and think, “how did I survive that” or “Wow, I have really been through some stuff.” We have all been there and done that, including me. Read Because Life Happens Part I and Because Life Happens Part II to see what I mean. I don’t think I have been through more than anyone else; however, I do think I have a pretty good handle on remaining positive and optimistic when everything else seems to go wrong. In my opinion, it is all about searching and finding your own energy outlet. I have a few and that is what I hope to share with you through my blog, along with the reasons behind the outlets.

HEY!!! I’m Elizabeth, and because life happens, I have no way of recapping every single thing to bring you up to date on how I am where I am right now. Fortunately, I do have the Cliff Notes Version. So here goes…

I have been in a long term, committed relationship to my loving Significant Other, JT for 7.5 years. Naturally, we have been through ups and downs, thicks and thins, and a brief separation period. I am a mom to 4 boys though I have only given birth once. I have a 8.5 year old step son (JA) 4.5  &  2 year old nephews (WP & KM) and my very own little love who came in July of 2017 (EJ). The journey of how that all came about is worth its own book and maybe one day I will write it; until then, here is the short version. I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of December 2016 after trying for 6 months. The mother to my nephews (my estranged sister-in-law (SIL)) walked out on them in February 2017 and the father to my nephews (my brother) was arrested in April of 2017 and spent 4 months incarcerated until I finally was able to get him into a rehabilitation program. I filed for custody of my nephews and I was granted temporary custody at first to give my SIL a chance to come back. Since my SIL is nowhere to be found and my brother signed over custody, I was granted sole custody at the end of July.

Because Life Happens I and Because Life Happens II explain in detail the situations in my life which have encouraged me to find my voice and blog about it.

During that whole stressful time, I had no choice but to find different energy outlets to help me stay calm. I used to joke during my pregnancy that God allowed me to become pregnant to save my liver (meaning I wasn’t able to have a drink or 5 after a stressful or bad day.) Instead, I turned to my faith, cooking, positive quotes and energy and my little loves in order to maintain my sanity. My outlets may be difficult for most to focus in on and use as their own outlets but my hopes in blogging are to direct you into either using these or discovering your own safe and reliable methods.

And to be 100% honest…

I also am hoping to monetize off of my blog well enough to become a stay at home mom for my babies. After 3 years of college, graduating top of my class, earning my bachelor’s degree and being in the banking industry for 8 years then turning to the private investment industry, I want to give my attention, dedication and hard work that I have given to myself and my clients to my children. I want to guide their little hearts and minds. I also want to be home, especially for my nephews, so that they can know how much they are loved and wanted in case their biological parental situation ever causes any doubt or concerns in their growing and impressionable minds. One of my deepest desires is to never have them know the pain that I feel knowing what is going on in their little lives is wrong on so many levels. I want to be the next step and never have them realize that steps in their lives are missing. I don’t think those aspirations are too big because I have been raising the 4.5 year old since he has been 6 months old and the 2 year old since birth.

So in case you have not figured out yet how I came up with Juggling Life’s Lemons, let me clear it up.

Someone once told me the cliche phrase “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade” Living in my own zoo or sometimes circus, I try to keep an entertaining outlook on everything. That is when I decided I did not want to make lemonade with my lemons; I wanted to keep things entertaining by juggling my lemons; hence…Juggling Life’s Lemons. Please do not think for one second that I am this naturally high, Little Miss Ray of Sunshine person. I can promise you I AM NOT; Please feel free to ask anyone who knows me, that is not the case AT ALL. I am HUMAN. I am a WOMAN. I have CHILDREN, and a long time SIGNIFICANT OTHER and a FAMILY and a LIFE!!!! But for my sanity and the sanity and well being of my children, and significant other and family, I try my best to be Positive Polly.

None of the sections on my blog are researched, unless otherwise stated. It is simply my candid view on different situations, funny little anecdotes in life and what I do to deal and get through situations.

with love,



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