Hey ya’ll!!

I’m Elizabeth,  a fellow blogger and DIY-er like yourself. We all have different stress outlets we utilize to get through day to day. My outlets are cooking, writing, working out, or finding appropriate quotes. I figured my life could probably be turned into a book so why not get a jump start and write about it.  While I take you on the journey of my life, I also incorporate my outlets to show you how I cope. I have to be 100% honest, though. I also am hoping to monetize off of my blog well enough to become a stay at home mom for my babies. After 3 years of college, graduating top of my class, earning my bachelor’s degree and being in the banking industry for 8 years then turning to the private investment industry, I want to give my attention, dedication and hard work that I have given to myself and my clients to my children. I want to guide their little hearts and minds. I also want to be home, especially for my nephews, so that they can know how much they are loved and wanted in case their biological parental situation ever causes any doubt or concerns in their growing and impressionable minds. One of my deepest desires is to never have them know the pain that I feel knowing what is going on in their little lives is wrong on so many levels. I want to be the next step and never have them realize that steps in their lives are missing. I don’t think those aspirations are too big because I have been raising the 4.5 year old since he has been 6 months old and the 2 year old since birth.


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Additionally, whenever I ask for your email address or information from you, I will maintain your privacy and guard your information as if it were my own. I won’t spam you and I won’t sell your information. That’s just dirty and wrong, and not my style one bit.

I am here to build your trust and to create a community for anyone looking for stress release outlets, good food, or  anyone needing to be reassured that life can get CRAZY but it will be ok. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at jugglinglifeslemons@gmail.com

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