For KM’s second birthday, I invite family and friends to celebrate with us. Because I know children of all ages are going to be at my house, I want to keep games and activities fun for all.

Much to my dismay, barely anyone showed up. Read Disappointment at a Child’s Party for the details. However, that did not stop the children who were there from having fun. I created masks and bean bags with targets for the children activities.

Working full time and having children, I know that I need time and help when making the bean bags and the target. I start two weeks in advanced to ensure I have enough time to get everything done, as well as being considerate of my help’s schedule.

First, the target:

For the target, I reused the props I had for WP’s party this year. He wanted a Fireman’s Party, so I made buildings and used streamers to represent fire.

KM’s party is PJ Mask themed. I use the burning buildings and turn it into the City Night off of PJ MASK. I replace the fire streamers with solid yellow to represent the lights.


  • Sheet of Plywood
  • Black Paint
  • Paint Roller or Paint Brush
  • Yellow Streamers
  • Tape
  • Someone who knows how to work a saw in order to cut out the buildings

With one sheet of plywood, I am able to make 3-4 buildings (Depends on how big you want your buildings)

I give JT the instructions on what I am looking for (squares and/or rectangles that will represent windows on a building). He gets to work and makes my buildings. Afterwards, it is up to me to finish.

I buy a quart of black paint and a paint roller and I get to work. Once all of the buildings are painted, I cut the streams to fit the size of the windows and proceed with taping it as needed.

VIOLA!! You now have the City Night off of PJ Mask!!


Next, the bean bags:

Please do not be fooled by the name. Yes it is called BEAN bags but you DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, want to use actual beans as a filler. Two problems with using beans: 1) over time, it will attract bugs 2) if it gets wet, it will swell.


  • Fabric color of your choice ( I used Green (Gekko) Blue (CatBoy) Red (Owlette) and Black (the Villians)–I bought a half for each.
  • 25 lb bag of Aquarium Rocks
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine or someone who knows how to sew.

So, one year for Christmas, after hearing me say I wished I knew how to sew using a machine, my mother sporadically bought me a Brother’s Sewing Machine. It has a DVD Tutorial on How to Use it and everything… THANK HEAVENS!! Between my mom and I, we were able to make the bean bags.

We cut the fabric into 16 even strips. (Each color made 16 bean bags)

We sewed three of the four ends together completely and the fourth end we sewed half way across. Once the “bag” was formed, we turned it outside in–because when you will sew it, your finished product will have the inside of the bag showing on the outside.

Then, I filled the bags–Thanks to my dad’s creativity, I used a cut water bottle as a funnel. Standard funnels are too narrow for the rocks to pass through without getting stuck and requiring work. the mouth piece to a water bottle is wide enough to allow the rocks to pass through easily.  You will want to cut your water bottle so that you can pour a scoop of rocks in it. I also used a measuring cup to help cut back on the mess that pouring it directly from the bag causes. Using a measuring cup also gives you a more consistent fill. I used my half cup scoop and fourth cup scoop.

Once the bags are filled, you need to sew the opened end closed.

SEWING TIP: When you sew your bags, make sure to double or triple stitch so the bags don’t bust open when it hits a solid surface. I had a 13 year old and 11 year old throwing my bean bags with all of their might and the bags never once bust open.


TAH-DAH!!!! You now have your own bean bag and target prop. One thing I learned with my children, they LOVE to throw. This is perfect for them to throw and having the target allows for hand eye coordination.

What do you think? I would LOVE to hear from you! Leave me your comments and suggestions!!

With Love Sign Off
With Love,


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