Welcome Everyone!!

Thank you for taking your time to visit my page! I am Elizabeth.

My goal is to make your time here worth your while. My blog is aimed helping you find your stress outlet by sharing mine and telling you my life’s story which has changed my attitude in life and caused me to find my own outlets: Food and Cooking, Life,  and My Children. Does this always work? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! I am human! However, I do try my best to make it happen. Learn a little more about me.

When need be, I am a very candid person.

I will apologize now if any of my opinions, beliefs, frankness or word choices bother or offend you. I try to keep an open mind on anything I do not agree with 100% and I ask that you grant me the same courtesy and respect. I will also provide anecdotes of life because life in my shoes (and I am sure yours as well) is far from boring.

Writing is my vessel to clearing my mind and organizing my life.

When I write, I erase and rephrase, proof, think, and start the process all over again probably 5 times before I am satisfied with the outcome. The spoken word can never be unsaid but can be forgotten. The written and published word can never be unread but will always remain. Follow me on my life’s journey and I can promise you will learn some delicious new recipes, wonderful quotes for the roughest of times that help me through my chaotic life, and how I handle my 4 boys! Feel free to share, comment, or send recommendations. I am open to feed back and highly welcome it!


With Love,



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