DIY Children's Masks

For KM’s second birthday, I invite family and friends to celebrate with us. Because I know children of all ages are going to be at the party, I want to keep games and activities fun for all.

Much to my dismay, barely anyone showed up. Read Disappointment at a Child’s Party for the details. However, that did not stop the children who were there from having fun. I created masks and bean bags with targets for the children activities.

Thanks to the wonderful website of PJ Mask, I was able to print out PJ Mask masks. The website is full of wonderful activities, color sheets, and props for the children. There is an adult site and a kids site. I used the Adult Site to print the PJ Mask masks.

Once I printed what I needs, I then set forth to cut out the faces.

I opted, due to time constraints and blistered fingers, to hot glue tongue depressors to the back of the masks. Another option is to laminate the masks in order to use stretchy string so the children can wear the masks instead of holding it to their little faces.

Below is a list of products that can be used to make the masks, as well as a picture of my final product.

The list represents affiliate links, which simply means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the site, at no extra cost to you

Printer– I LOVE this printer. I have been using it for a few years now and would never buy another one. The print quality is AMAZING and the print speed is great! You cannot go wrong with this printer.

Color Ink– With the printer mentioned above, this is the ink that is needed.

Paper– I am not picky when it comes to paper. I feel as though they all do the same thing. I LOVE shopping Target so I stick with the target brand.

Tongue Depressors– I used what I had on hand left over from other projects. I always use the natural color because you can always paint or design it if you choose. However, if you want it to blend in, I recommend going with the colored sticks.

Hot Glue Gun-I am a DIY Crafter. I love using my glue gun for my crafts. I love this gun because of the dual temperature control, as well as the kick stand for it.

Glue Sticks-Again with the, a glue stick is a glue stick. I am not picky. For me, the cheaper the better. I use this one.

Laminating Machine-Yes, I do have a laminating machine. With all my children, it was cheaper for me to buy one than to keep paying a local company to do it for me. Plus, I can do it on my own time from the comfort of my home. This machine is very compact and easy to use. I LOVE IT!!

Laminate Paper– Ok, so if you don’t have the machine and don’t want to buy it but still want to laminate stuff, feel free to use the self-laminating pouches and sheets by Scotch. However, since I do have the machine, and I think the heat and press makes it last longer, I use these sheets by Scotch. Completely up to you!

Stretchy String-Elastic string is the best to use in order to fit most sizes around the head. It can easily be found in any of your craft stores or craft section of your favorite store!

Scissors- Ya’ll, scissors are scissors. It does not matter which ones you use. Honestly. I really prefer the Scotch brand but I love Scotch brand for most products! And this one is a GREAT deal. 2 for 1 pack!!


So, if you want to stick with the tongue depressors, then there is no need for the laminating machine, lament paper or stretchy string. From my experience with younger children, the tongue depressor route is the better route because children tend to get fussy about having elastic around their heads/faces.

However, if you prefer to laminate, you must first laminate the masks ( I recommend laminating the whole sheet–saves your hands on cutting). Cut the masks, make little holes and attach the stretchy string.


I’d love you hear from you! Please leave your comment!

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