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Have you ever heard the phrase, “Think positive, be positive”? Do you think about it at all or just blow it off in passing? Many people live with the misconception that in order to be a positive person, you have to have a great life free from problems or at least not so many problems. That thinking would make positivity an action, not a mind set. I am here to help you dispel of that thinking and convert your mind to the power of positivity.

Being positive is easy.

Yes, it is easy to have a natural high about life when everything is going right and how you want. Yes, it is easy to be a positive person when you don’t have any troubles bringing you down. Yes, it is easy to be positive when luck and good fortune are on your side. But what about those times when none of that is the case? When you feel like the world is against you and nothing is working out. Those times when life throws you one curve ball after another after another. Those times when all you want to do is break down and cry but you have to be strong and keep it together for your children and your own sake. Being a positive person is easy when things are going right.

Thinking positive is HARD.

So what do you do about those times when nothing is going right and you feel like you are backed into a corner? Those times when you can’t find it in yourself to be positive anymore. Those times when all you see and think are the negatives. What do you do?

I would give in to it, I won’t lie to you. Being easily discouraged and very pessimistic are extremely easy. I needed a ladder to climb out of  pity party hole I dug for myself. But thanks to Heaven Is For Real, my point of view is completely different!

Keeping a positive mindset isn’t easy. It takes hard, hard work. It requires you to look past the hurt that you feel. It requires you to not wallow in self pity. It requires you to keep your head up when your neck muscles hurt and burn and scream at you to drop your head. It requires sacrifice. However, the reward of remaining positive is an AMAZING feeling.

Let me share my latest story…

I am going through a rough time. I allow myself to get down and out. I struggle to find my euphoria happy. I am living mediocre happy. I know I am not satisfied with that. So I change it. I pay it forward. You can read all about it in my post Why Being Selfish is Healthy. Perfect! GREAT! I find my over the moon, things are looking up, and nothing will get me down, happy again and I am going on with my day. Then, I go back to work and my boss calls me into his office to have a talk.

I am two weeks back at work after being on maternity leave. During my second week, I leave early on Wednesday (like only work 2 hours) and take all of Thursday off because my 4 year old has the flu. The talk is about my time. I do not have anymore vacation or sick days left (which I know). Then he proceeds to go on and ask me if I am able to do this job. The job requires me being at work and considering how we are middle of October and I have no more time off left, he doesn’t think I can do the job anymore.

The devil loves to work

Thank heavens just two hours earlier I make up my mind to think positive again. As he is talking, I am taken aback. I understand what he is saying, but it isn’t like I plan on my children getting sick. Being a mom will always be my first job and by far is it the hardest job!! So, while he is talking, I can feel myself start to get upset, not mad upset but feelings hurt upset. When I get back to my desk, I take a deep breath and remind myself that this negative setback is natural. I believe that when you take one step forward, you also take two steps. I believe the devil is hard at work.

Not today devil, not today.

Because of my newly restored positive mind set, I realize what is happening. I take refuge in my Christian faith. I believe I am able to handle and over come many obstacles and hardships because I put my faith and trust in God. By doing so, I knowingly accept that the devil works hard to undermine whatever he is given the power to. As stated in God’s Not Dead, “Sometimes, the devil allows people to live a life free of trouble because he doesn’t want them turning to God.” So, when I make up my mind to be positive and do good, I prepare myself to lookout for the actions that would make my efforts feel useless. Being ready for the setback allows me to stay positive.

Positive Polly vs. Negative Nancy

As with any situation, weighing out the pros and cons is very beneficial. In this instance, the main pro of thinking positive being able to see all of the opportunities and blessing that are in front of you. The biggest con of being negative is following in the same rut and rhythm that being negative traps you in. When you are thinking positively, mountains become ant hills and oceans become puddles. When you think negativity, the opposite is the case; ant hills become mountains and puddles become oceans.

Living life with a go get ’em attitude believing that you can concur the world and win opens so many more doors and allows for the best you to shine through. Whereas, if you live life with a why me attitude all that you will see will be obstacles and hurdles and everything happening to you.

Life is constant decision

Life is all about choices and decisions. You have the choice to be positive and think positive or you can choose to let the world slap you around like a little… you know what. Though it is not the easiest task to maintain a positive mindset, I truly believe that the more you practice it, work on it, and hold on to it, the easier it does become. When you believe in the power of positivity, not many things can bring you down or hold you back.

Choose wisely, my friend.

I’d love to hear from you!!! How do you get to your positive place in life? What helps you along the way? What are your strengthens and weaknesses when it comes to having a positive mindset? Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments!
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